How Cureall came into this world…

cureall-logoCureall Medicare was born on 26th April 2017 with many brimming ideas ready to see the light of the day, bringing many path breaking medicare products to the ailing needy, the common man of the country.

Started as a OPC firm, registered in India, by the serial Innovator J. Chandrasekaran @ Chandra as he is known to many, a senior manufacturing expert and a Social Entrepreneur, Cureall was a sequel of other credible products under the innovator’s kitty, such as

  • Feeder side view100 % recyclable feeder for babies per the request of a client from USA, made foray into human products and to start with a baby product way back in 2008, the innovator made these baby feeders as carcinogenic and phosgene free feeders @ feeding bottles which are made of combining various processes to make one product – a disposable, reusable feeding bag! This got the innovator his first National Award from the Government of India (2009)


  • IMG_7582Spill Sink along with Dr G.B. Rajan a plastics surgeon, to create the world’s first trouble free, zero messy spill sink to treat wounded persons during trauma.
  •  Spillsink – trauma care bin


  • Terafil Water Purifiers – the non-electricity based water purifier for common man which alleviates all water borne diseases and also saves, water, electricity, is now the most popular rural water purifier and has won many accolades.
    Watsan Natural Water Purifiers
  • Ready to fit toilets – Again, sensing the depleting natural resources like sand and water and non-availability of cement and masons all throughout the country, Chandra innovated a ready to fit toilet which is built completely from Glass fibre waste, again improving the health atmosphere and hygiene in a village to stop open -defecation.
    Ready to fit toiles from Watsan

Having done diverse products, Cureall was created with a prime motive of bringing life saving gadgets to the reach of the common man. The most prioritised innovations are:

  1. Oxygenator – Ready to breathe oxygen kit : This is planned to be launched as a ready useable kit seen in all public places, moving ambulances, health spa., hospitals, ambulances, sports clubs, recreation clubs, trekking kits, age old homes etc. to instantly supply oxygen to the needy, gasping for breadth.
  2. Invisible nose filters – to fit into your nostrils seamlessly and easily, wash and reuse as long as one wants, order and get right fitment which snaps into your nostrils perfectly – the right product to make you walk through the most polluted of places without any fuss!
  3. Women snap in – contraceptive – a skin like snap fit yourself contraceptive designed exclusively for women, so that they can protect themselves from abuse and have …x only if they want! A typical woman emancipating product…!

Many more to come..

Cureall also is helping many medical innovators design and develop their products and bring it to the light!